We all can admit that we have a love and passion for food. But the question that plagues many is “Where should we eat and what should we have?” This article is dedicated to listing the top four restaurants in the categories of: Shawarma’s, BBQ Steak, Chinese, Ice Cream and Diners.

The Shawarma is a sandwich or a plate of food that is home to many Middle Eastern Cultures – yet even those not from such areas enjoy the taste of this seemingly different dish. The top restaurant in Mississauga to order a Shawarma is Osmows. This restaurant has various locations – the main one in Streetsville. It has a few tables to sit down but it is very fast paced with many customers coming through and because of that is more like a take-out restaurant. Nonetheless, you must stop by this place for the best shawarma in Mississauga. The second best restaurant is Lezzets near Rockwood Mall. Although the Shawarma here isn’t as tasty as the one at Osmows – they offer a Shawarma Plate Dinner that is actually better. They serve large portions and their service is speedy with less traffic and more room to sit down and relax. Let’s talk about Steak. The first amazing place to have a steak and perhaps some desert is Canyon Creek. It’s central location near Square One makes it a busy restaurant during the weekend. However, it offers ambiance, tasteful steak and great service. It could also be a great couples romantic dinner out place to visit! Next, I would like to pay special mention to the Keg – located near Heartland Town Centre. In the last year they have drastically improved their menu and food – as at one time they were far behind Canyon Creek. However, The Keg is now a really amazing restaurant to try many different types of steak. Who’s for Chinese? Most of us are – but we all wonder which place to order from. The first restaurant I would like to mention is China China and it is located near Bloor and Cawthra. There are places to sit down but it is more so a fast food take out place. Despite this, they have a large menu with cheap prices and many lunch and dinner combinations. Their food is always impeccable and done right – something not all restaurants can follow. Next, I would like to pay special mention to a small eat in Chinese Restaurant called Shanghai. It is located near Burnhamthorpe and Cawthra. This small restaurant may be hard to notice as you drive by but MY MY – the food there is amazing and their prices are even cheaper than the last restaurant I just mentioned. They cook quickly so you are not waiting long periods of time – it is dine in and eat out – but beware, the inside is slightly run down but do not let this scare you away. The food is well worth the visit. Ice cream seems to be a simple thing to eat and go and get. However, some are looking for ice cream shops with a personal touch – something different from all the regular Baskin Robbins and Dairy Queen. The first place I would like to mention is Dairy Cream – not Dairy Queen! This small restaurant is located near Lakeshore and Atwater. It features an amazing funnel cake and creamy creamy Icecream like you have never tasted. This place is a must try. The next place is more widely recognized but still needs to be visited at least once. Cafe Demetre – it has a few locations in Mississauga – and it is just superb! This restaurant offers amazing icecream but also a wide variety of other deserts including cakes and pies. It is usually very busy but if you wait in line for about five minutes you will definetly find a spot to sit. Lastly, let’s touch on Diners as they are becoming out dated but yet almost all of the time have the most amazing home cooked food! The first Diner is in Streetsville and it’s called Bobby’s Hideaway. The name lives up to the standards. This restaurant is a hidden gem. It is old school style – looks like a small diner inside but it has lots of seating room and each meal truly tastes home cooked and made with some sort of secret ingredient! The next place is Skyway Jacks – located in Streetsville also. This restaurant has all day breakfast but also features many lunch and dinner menu options  ranging from burgers to steak! It’s a small restaurant so sometimes it can be hard to get a seat – looks like many already know that this place exists! Their pancakes are what bring many people there – thick and fluffy! These places absolutely need to be checked out!

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