Spring has finally arrived in Missisauga, where the brutal cold of Winter definetly left it’s mark this time around. As Spring is now upon us, our residents are wondering how to enjoy this beautiful weather.

Carrasauga is a well known festival that takes place in Missisauga where interested ones can experience a mixture of different cultures and nations in one setting. This event usually takes place at the end of May and it is widely recognized for food sampling and dancing. For those who love to partake in multi-ethnic activities, Mississauga holds a “Festival of Cultures” each year. This event is also held during May at a designated location. At this gathering, residents from many different backgrounds showcase their culture, food, traditions and activities.

However, for those who enjoy a quiet atmosphere the activities are endless. Port Credit offers walks along the lakeside, cozy intimate restaurants such as Snug Harbor which has live music on the weekends and hiking trails. In the same area, you can expect to find Farmers Markets selling an abundance of items and a beautiful hotel on the water named “Waterside Inn”.

We must not forget to include the younger crowd as they usually have more time for extra curricular activities. The main game centers in Mississauga, “Playdium” and “Chuckie Cheese” offer interactive games for children at low rates. Playdium offers go karting in the Spring and Summer, with lower rates on Tuesdays. For parents who would like their children to experience a more valuable learning experience, the Mississauga Libraries are offering an interactive story time at different times each day. This would enable our children to enjoy an outing with learning attached at the hip.

With all the fun, relaxing things to do this Spring, let’s get out in the sun and enjoy what Mississauga has to offer!

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