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As residents of this beautiful city – we truly cherish the wonderful things that it has to offer. However, many newcomers who move to this area or those who want to be made aware of what Mississauga has to offer are left in the dark with little information on the many amazing things to do in this city. Most of us love to shop – we save, we budget and we prepare for our days off to visit the shopping malls. But, one question that plagues many of us is where are the best places to shop? Well, that is a great question. In this article you will find the five best shopping malls to visit if you find yourself in a spending frenzy!

The main mall in Mississauga is known as Square One located on the corner of Hurontario and Burnhamthorpe. This mall features over 360 different stores and has over 1.6 million square feet of walking room! This is one mall you simply must visit. It has a large variety of stores from clothing to accessories and a large dollar store. It also features a large sized food court that was recently renovated offering many different types of cuisines.

The second known Mississauga Mall is Heartland Town Centre. This Mall is located near Mavis and Britannia. This Mall is known as an outlet centre – as there is actually no inclosed mall in this location – but rather a bunch of stores in different complexes. However, many enjoy this spot as it involves a lot less walking around to find the store you want to locate and a large variety of restaurants nearby. This outlet mall also features cheaper prices. That is right – I said cheaper prices! If you are looking for a deal you must visit this place. However, beware! This outlet mall does not have every single store you will find in Square One.

Sherway Gardens is the next mall I would like to talk about. Although this Mall borders between Mississauga and Toronto – we still consider it to be a part of Mississauga Residents shopping days. This mall features high end brands for those who enjoy shopping for brand names. However, this mall is quite twisty turny – you can find yourself in circles if you do not pay attention to the direction in which you are walking.

The next mall is Erin Mills and it is located just where the name says it is – in Erin Mills. This mall is known to be the second biggest in Mississauga and the best thing about this mall is that it has many exits. You will not need to be walking around for hours trying to find your way out! However, this mall is more known for smaller stores and does not have as much variety as Square One or Sherway Gardens.

Lastly, I would like to pay special attention to China Town located on Dixie and Dundas. This little “town” as it is called is great for shopping for house hold items, buying cheap food or small trinkets. There is an Asian Grocery Store for those who want to buy food local to their culture. These are the top five Mississauga Malls and each one has something special to offer – so get your shopping shoes on and make a day of it!

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