Most of us wish we could live by the water – and some of us would like to live IN the water! But a large percentage of us would just like to sit by the water during the Spring and Summer and enjoy the waves, the fresh scent and the atmosphere. The good news is that Mississauga Residents can do all the above – except for the living in the water part. The Credit River is a large system of water encompassing over 27 kilometers worth. This river flows throughout Mississauga and separates this city into east and west. This river runs through Erindale park as well as Streets ville and other places. There are many opportunities for fishing in this river – residents have caught salmon, steelheads, chinook and many more varieties of fish. There is also canoeing and kayaking available for those who like interactive sports and a large amount of nature surrounding the areas which this river flows through. Some interesting news for nature lovers – would be that the City of Mississauga has implemented a 25 year plan to preserve the total of 1,600 acres of park that run along the Credit River. This is an exciting milestone for many – as residents will be able to experience a natural wonder outside their busy downtown doorsteps. For those that enjoy outings with the family, this area of town offers many restaurants and ice cream shops and even libraries. A main attraction about visiting the Credit River is that in many instances there is lots of parking – easy to find with little to no difficulty. Located near this area, residents can visit the Glen Erin Inn – a rustic, old fashioned restaurant and hotel for accommodations. Further, there are many group activities that take place near the Credit River such as planned lakeside luncheons and boat tours. These can be easily found by researching the Credit River on our trusted site. For children this area offers a Memorial Park with basketball courts, playgrounds and a ramp park with connection to the water from Lakeshore road. The Credit River is also the place that holds two amazing festivals each year! These are the Waterfront Festival and Port Credit Southside Shuffle. The Waterfront Festival features live music, comedy and local celebrities as well as vendors offering food choices. The Port Credit Southside Shuffle offers jazz and the blues type music for those who love old classics. If you have not already made plans to visit the Credit River – do so now and make the most of your Spring and Summer!

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